Velikovi Ltd.

Producer of pretzels, wafers and cookies

Velikovi Ltd. was founded in 1991 in the town of Dve Mogili. The company business started with production of wafers and running the school cafeteria in town. Nowadays, the company produces wide range of plain and chocolate glazed wafers, several types of pretzels, butter and chocolate glazed cookies. Competitive prices, sleek design of packages and the reasonable quality - price ratio makes the products of Velikovi Ltd one of the most popular ones in Bulgarian market.

Mostly young professionals with the required skills, knowledge and qualifications are employed at the Velikovi Ltd.

The company has two technological lines for production of plain and chocolate glazed wafers, two lines for production of pretzels and two for production of cookies and candies. Contemporary equipment as well as its maintenance in a good work condition assures correct technological processes and achieving of high quality of products.

One of the main resources for the company production, flour, is produced by own wheat in a mill owned by the company. Technological processes are implemented under constant control at the company lab which guarantees production of wheat with good indexes and characteristics featured by the various company products.

In the company is integrated a system for selection of suppliers which guarantees the usage of quality and safe resources for the company products.

The production of Velikovi Ltd. is implemented in compliance with the Technological documentation of group products as well as the legal and normative regulations.

The high quality and safety of food products is guaranteed by the integrated management system ISO 9001 and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The integrated sustainable Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system is an effective way to guarantee the quality of food products and their safety to consumers health.